Photo of David Revoy
Photo credit : Elisa de Castro Guerra

About David Revoy

Hi, my name is David Revoy and I'm a French artist born in 1981. I'm self-taught and passionate about drawing, painting, cats, computers, Gnu/Linux open-source culture, Internet, old school RPG video-games, old mangas and anime, traditional art, Japanese culture, fantasy…

After more than 10 years of freelance in digital painting, teaching, concept-art, illustrating and art-direction I decided to start my own project. I finally found a way to mix all my passions together, the result is Pepper&Carrot.

My portfolio:

Dream TO-DO list

☐ Give a talk in a Japanese comic convention about Pepper&Carrot.
☐ Play with a gamepad to a Pepper&Carrot video-game.
Get a gallery of 100 fan-arts.
Get a Wikipedia page.
Receive a photo of a Pepper cosplay.
Receive a photo of a red cat named Carrot.
Be supported by 500 patreons.
☐ Reach episode 100!

My career in 7 bubbles