Translations and corrections

Pepper&Carrot website is designed to be multilingual and accept any language (including extinct ones, or fictive ones). The sources of this page are at your disposal for you to translate them. Check the reference tutorial for more information on how to add your translation.

A monochromatic illustration representing Carrot holding a long flag tagged with Thank you in many languages.


Pepper&Carrot can be adapted to many project or products, why not do your own or join an existing one?

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Pepper&Carrot is open to fan-art: drawings, scenarios, scupltures, 3D models, fan-fiction. Send them to me (, or poke me on social networks) to appear in the fan-art gallery:

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Other ideas to contribute…

Everyone can contribute in different ways:
Developers: Create an application to read Pepper&Carrot on mobile device.
Musician: Create music themes for Pepper&Carrot.
Writer: Propose new Pepper&Carrot scenarios.
Journalist: Talk about Pepper&Carrot in traditionnal media (printed press, tv, etc.)
Printer: Print posters or goodies with Pepper&Carrot on it.